Episode Title Producer
74 - History    
   William Bill Jefferson Clinton Taly & Russ Johnson
  DJ Spooky interview OffLine
  Silent Voices Taly & Russ Johnson
  Gilgamesh Scott Noegel
  The Cowboy and the Ballerina Mark Isham
75 - Time    
  Two Minutes on a Subway Train Paul Catanese
  7 Minutes to Live My Life Dider Oustrie
  Yoko Ott interview OffLine
  Prey Chris DeBoer
  Solomon's Nightmare C.F. Shelton
  El Compromis Amanda DeLuis
76 - Punk    
  Ugly Nick Kunin
  Actual Life: Tatoo David McLane
  ABC Living Room Brent Watanabe
  Frank Harlan interview OffLine
  No Joy in Pudville Nick Kunin
  Andre the Giant Has a Posse Helen Stickler
  Buni #8 Rozalinda Borcila
  Actual Life: Peter Berg David McLane
77 - Speaking Of    
  When People Say: Saving the World Solo Pamela Sackett
  Taka Iimura interview OffLine
  Two Nights Brent Watanabe
  Akia Anne Farrell
  Mer Mare Mere Hannah Beadman
  The Angel C.F. Shelton
  Under My Skin Taryn Fitzgerald
78 - Reality    
  Civil Twilight John Harrigan
  The Day Jesus Melted Su Rynard
  Francesca Sundsten interview OffLine
  Transition Wendy Smith
  Naked Reality Trent Harris
  Money Changes Everything Denise Wellenstein
79 - The Gallery    
  Museum of Shuttered Exhibits Bill Gibson
  Static Cling Bill Alves
  Troika Ranch interview OffLine
  Interior Latex Matt Wilkins
  Portrait of Lloyd Lisa Shannon
80 - Roll Credits    
  Organ Cranker Jon Foulk
  Rock 'n Roll Frankenstein Brian O'Hara
  The Taste of a Generation Alan Schechner
  Love-a-Thon Brown Cuts Neighbors
  Ronnie, Pinkie & Pepperpot Brown Cuts Neighbors
  Eyewitness Leslie Streit
  Palite Whose Family